Hawaiian Energy Coffee Farm 
Located high above Kona’s coastline in the rich soil of the Volcano Hualalai 

Perfect elevation
Perfect combination of clouds, sun and rain
Perfect coffee

The first delicious cup of Kona coffee in the morning is certainly one of life's simple pleasures.  Still glazed over with sleep, we wrap our hands around the steaming mug, take in the heady aroma and savor each sip of delicious Kona coffee, re-energizing for the day ahead.

Hawaiian Energy Estate Coffee
Our medium roast is chestnut brown in color, producing a delicate and mild coffee that delights with rich aroma and surprises with sweet under tones.  

Our dark roast has a more complex taste.  Because these beans are roasted to a higher temperature, the aromatic oils within the bean are drawn to the surface of the bean where they caramelize and turn a deep, rich brown color.