Storing Coffee Properly

Growers suggest buying in whole bean coffee and grinding just before brewing.  

Coffee Storage Instructions

  • Coffee should be stored in an airtight container, away from heat and light, to optimize freshness.

  • Store whole beans at room temperature.

  • If you choose to grind your coffee prior to brewing, store ground coffee in freezer.

Coffee Brewing

Coffee brewing is an art, not a science.

  • For best results, grind your beans just prior to brewing.  We recommend a coarse to percolator grind for the filter-drip system method of brewing.

  • Always use a clean coffee maker to insure there is no residue from previous usage.

  • Use cold filtered, or spring, water only.

  • Use 2 level tablespoons for every cup (6 ounces) of water.

  • For an average 10-cup maker, (60 liquid ounces) use about 3 ounces of ground coffee. Adjust the water to coffee ratio for your taste preference.

  • Serve coffee immediately. If coffee must stand before serving, use a vacuum carafe to preserve flavor.

  • Never reheat or boil coffee.

  • Enjoy with someone special.

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