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Coffee ~ Good for Your Skin?

Multiple health risks have been the result of modern technology and global warming.  Ultraviolet rays which can be absorbed by the skin from too much exposure to the sun, and other radiations are considered harmful to the body, specifically the skin.  A cup of coffee can help prevent this risk.

Having a cup of coffee everyday, or even more, can help reduce the risk of having skin cancer, according to a study released in a major US medical conference. According to Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), skin cancer is the most common form of cancer in the United States.  Skin cancer is a malignancy of the skin which affects the basal and squamous cell of the skin. This is usually caused by radiation, specifically ultraviolet rays, from longer time exposure under the sunlight. Heredity and the environment also play a role in the development skin cancer.

The new study thoroughly analyzed and examined the data derived from the Nurses’ Health Study (Brigham and Women’s Hospital) and the HealthProfessionals Follow-Up Study (Harvard School of Public Health). The data gathered from the nurses’ study involve about 72,921 participants for about 24 years, starting June 1984 to June 2008. The health professional’s study includes the assessment of about 39,976 participants for about 22 years, starting from June 1986 to June 2008.

The researchers have found out that the most commonly diagnosed type of skin cancer was basal cell carcinoma, about 22,786 cases. In addition, the study findings reveal that those women who are consuming three (3) cups or more of caffeinated coffee everyday have a lower risk of developing basal cell carcinoma. These women have 20 per cent lowered risk as to those who consume coffee less frequently. For those men who consume the same amount of coffee everyday have nine (9) per cent lower risk.

“Our study indicates that coffee consumption may be an important option to help prevent basal cell carcinoma,” says Fengju Song, a postdoctoral fellow in the department of dermatology at Brigham and Women’s Hospital and Harvard Medical School, who was involve in the study said in conclusion.

In a separate research conducted by researchers from the Harvard University about coffee and prostate cancer, coffee contains many biologically active compounds, including caffeine and phenolic acids, that have potent antioxidant activity and can affect glucose metabolism and sex hormone levels. Because of these biological activities, coffee may be associated with a reduced risk of prostate cancer.

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