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Kona Coffee Cultural Festival ~ Festival Winners

The 41st Annual Kona Coffee Cultural Festival was held November 4-13 with events taking place at the Keauhou Resort, the Old Airport Pavilion and throughout farms and villages along the Kona Coast.  The Kona Coffee Cultural Festival is the oldest and most successful food event in Hawaii, paying tribute to the generations of coffee farmers.

The winners of the 2011 Kona Coffee Cultural Festival are:

WholeCup Coffee and UCC Hawaii Kona Coffee Cupping Competition

Classic Cupping

  1. Kainaliu-Kona Coffee Company (Randy Bohannon and Richard Wicklander)
  2. Kona De Pele
  3. Kona Rising Coffee Company

Crown Cupping

  1. Arianna Farms Ono Kona Coffee (Sharon and Bob Wood)
  2. Hawaiian Queen Coffee Farm 

UCC Hawaii Miss Kona Coffee Scholarship Pageant

Miss Kona Coffee: Corinne Quinajon

Miss Aloha Hawai`i: Brandy Shibuya

Art Exhibit

  1. “Flower to Fruit” by Lori Hight (Oil painting)
  2. Debbie Donald (Quilt)
  3. “Parchment Turning” by Thelma Black (Photograph)

Kona Coffee Labels

  1. Tropical Jazz 100 percent Kona Coffee
  2. (tie) Dard Roast Farm & Sweet Spirit Farms
  3. (tie) Kona Café LLC & Lions Gate Farms

Kona Coffee Websites

  1. (tie) Lehuula Farms  & Hawaiian Energy Coffee 
  2. (tie) Dard Roast  & Monk’s Delight Kona Coffee 
  3. (tie) Makahiki Farms & Wakefield & Sons Coffee 

2011 UBC Hawaii Latte Art Finalist

Ben Fillekes, Kona Coffee & Tea Company/ Banyan Tree Café

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