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CoCo - New Bucket Design for Picking Coffee

Gabriela Ravassa, a product-design student at Parson's (The New School for Design), has redesigned the picking container in an effort to improve the ergonomics of coffee picking. As a native of Columbia, Gabriela is aware that bean cherry pickers often negotiate treacherous terrain, while hauling around as many as 170 pounds of beans in large, awkward buckets. The existing buckets which resemble oversized sand pails that are strapped around the waist and are difficult to grasp, increasing the chances of dropping coffee beans.

Ravassa calls her bucket Coco (Colombian slang for “picking container”). Coco doesn’t look terribly different from picking containers already in use, it does however include some key enhancements. Ravassa chose to stick with the standard bucket since it maintains the picking techniques and tools that have been successfully used for more than 170 years. An indent at the bottom of the bucket mimics the angle of our legs when we walk, eliminating bruising. The waist strap is modeled after kidney belts (the girdle-like elastic bands that laborers wear around their lower backs to gird against strains during heavy lifting). Ravassa also included a custom clasping system in hopes of encouraging farm owners to purchase straps and belts together. A “continuous handle” inspired by three-handle laundry baskets allows workers to grab the containers securely, cutting back on accidental drops.

Great work, Gabriella. We hope to see your product on the market.

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