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Joe To Go

Consumer Reports latest report on coffee makers included the category of one-serving models, brew and dispense machines and a drip coffee maker that can fill a carafe or two mugs.  If you take your coffee in a travel mug in the morning, here are a few suggestions for you.

Smart Cafe My Invento
Price: $150
Pros: No mess, easy to use. Load one or two paper pods and start brewing. The Smart Cafe can make one or two cups at once and lets you adjust brew strength. The removable reservoir is easy to fill and holds about 40 ounces.
Cons: It’s pricey.
Where to buy: www.smartcafe.ca.

Brookstone Coffee for One 515395
Price: $40
Pros The Brookstone "to-go" model brews ground coffee almost as well as the best carafe models. The Coffee for One dispenses into a travel mug. 
Cons: Someone will have to wait for coffee if there are two of you. It’s bare-bones: no programming, brew control, or other perks.
Where to buy: Amazon.com, Brookstone

Mr. Coffee BVMC-ZH1B
Price: $50
Pros This model is competitively priced model and offers superb brewing. As with all brew-and-dispense coffeemakers, there's no worry of breaking a carafe when you’re feeling clumsy in the morning.
Cons: It doesn’t allow you to adjust brew strength.
Where to buy: Amazon.com, Walmart.

Hamilton Beach Stay or Go 45237R
Price: $80
Pros: The Stay or Go lets you fill a carafe or two travel mugs, each with its own blend of coffee.
Cons: The carafe is awkward. The brewing two javas at once works only with the included travel mugs.
Where to buy: Amazon.com, Bed Bath & Beyond, Best Buy, Target, www.hamiltonbeach.com

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