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"One World, One Family, Over a Cup of Coffee"

There's a new entry in the Guiness World Records.  Using a million coffee beans, Albanian artist Saimir Strati made a mosaic depicting five musicians.   

Strati used 309 pounds of coffee beans, some roasted black, some averagely and some not roasted at all, to portray a Brazilian dancer, a Japanese drummer, a U.S. country music singer, a European accordionist and an African drummer.  Strati wanted to give the message of shring love over a cup of coffee brings us closer.  

According to Guinness judge Seyda Subasi Gemici, Strati had been required to work in public and the mosaic, composed of coffee beans alone, had to measure 25 square meters (269 square feet).  All guidelines were met, with the final measure of the mosaic at 25.1 square meters.  

This is Strati's sixth entry in the Guinness World Records using his technique of applying little objects like pixels in a camera, to create images.  Previous works include a portrait of Leonardo Da Vinci with nails, a galloping horse with toothpicks, the Mediterranean with wine bottle corks, singer Michael Jackson with paint brushes and the Greek poet Homer with industrial screws.

The coffee bean mosaic was sponsored by Lori Kafe, one of Albania's main coffee companies, to spread the message of "One world, one family, over a cup of coffee."

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