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Gifts for Coffee Lovers

Looking for unique gifts for the coffee lover(s) on your list?  Here are a few "out-of-the-box" gifts for the caffeinated folks in your life.

Personalized coffee spoons.  Let the the latte-loving fan in your life measure out his or her life with these charmingly rough-hewn, whimsical and hand-pressed personalized coffee spoons. These designs are THE ORIGINAL and are made exclusively by Sycamore Hill.  All spoons are vintage silverplate teaspoons and demitasse spoons. Some have been hand-flattened and some have not. All are great little conversation pieces & coffee stirrers. Some are humorous, some are sweet & some express playful attitude! All are handmade by me. Available from Etsy.com seller Sycamore Hill.

Espresso-infused vinegar. The Filling Station’s delicious espresso balsamic vinegar adds the perfect smoky punch to salads, marinades and even desserts. Paired with a tin of The Filling Station's espresso salt, this gift pack is sure to perk up any cupboard.

Jeni's Splendid's “Black Coffee” ice cream.  The genius of Columbus, OH’s beloved Jeni’s Splendid Ice Cream’s version of this sweet coffee treat is that the grounds are steeped directly in the cream that becomes the confection, giving the pint a great, up-front coffee flavor most coffee ice creams lack.  True, strong, undiluted coffee taste thanks to freshly roasted beans ground and steeped in grass-grazed cream.  The flavor and aroma of coffee is encapsulated and translated perfectly.

Steampunkish Hand-Crank Coffee Grinder. This cool hand-crank grinder will let your favorite do-it-yourselfer put some elbow grease into the morning cup. With a threaded base, this antique-looking portable cruncher can be attached to any standard canning jar (though it comes with its own), making it ideal for home, office, or outdoorsy brewing.  Available from Lehman's.  

Stand-alone Milk Steamer and Frother. While no machine will ever replace the crafted microfoam a barista can create, sometimes you just want to sip an au lait at home in your pajamas. Give the gift of years’ worth of cappuccinos with this milk-steaming and -texturizing gadget.  Available at Capresso.  

Espresso Set. Parisian designer Fellina Sok-Cham designed this perfect espresso-serving set, with a bamboo tray that dismantles to become individual saucers for six hip-to-be-square demitasse cups. Tiny notches that act as spoon rests in the cups’ top rim is a clever touch.  Availalabe at the MoMA store.  

Pacifica Kona Coffee & Sugar Detox Scrub. When you’re not extracting those little beans, you may as well exfoliate with them. This body scrub exfoliates, smooths and promotes radiant, brighter skin with ground Kona coffee, sugar and coconut oil. Sold exclusively at Sephora.

Good-Will Giving.  Donate money to a worthy coffee-related cause. Investigate caffeinated charity institutions like Coffee Kids, Bikes to Rwanda, and the cancer-prevention organization Grounds for Health to find one that matches your loved one’s top concerns, be they social, environmental, or sustainability focused.

Of course, there's always Hawaiian Energy Coffee available for order.  

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