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Coffee Bark


You’ve met Boris and the girls.  Let me take this time to introduce myself, my name is Latte. As my name would indicate, I am named after my coffee farm.  My sister, Mocha, lives next door at the neighbors.  Mocha helped early on prepping Hawaiian Energy Coffee Farm to grow 100% Kona coffee.  We helped dig the almost 4,000 holes for the Coffea Arabica.  We surveyed and measured each hole, spacing them six feet apart in rows of two, spacing the rows 12 feet apart. 

My job now is mostly farm management.  I have an apprentice,  brought in from Austrailia by the owners. His name is Tazman,  we call him Taz.  Our main job making sure that there is food in the bowls for Boris and the girls, as well as water in their trough that they use mostly for bathing.  We are also responsible for searching out fresh eggs left by the wild chickens. 

Taz and I enjoy tasting the Coffea Arabica, making sure each section of the farm is producing the finest tasting, pure Kona coffee the owners are able to provide. 

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