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Spring Cleaning for Kona Coffee Trees

Hi, Boris here. It’s a beautiful time of the year with so much work to do on our Kona coffee farm.

The girls are tending to their eggs and we are anxious to meet the additions to our coffee farm family.  All the fertilizer and rain is really doing its job.  Taz and Latte are here supervising this week with what they call sucker removal.  The Kona Coffea Arabica trees are growing shoots like crazy.  These shoots create excess foliage on the trees.  The removal of the shoots (excess foliage)  and selecting which new verticals remain is key in the size and flavor of the beans on the tree, helping our trees produce the best 100% Kona coffee.  It seems like a lot of work, however pruning is necessary to maintain a healthy coffee tree and to keep the quality and quantity of coffee at its highest levels.  

The grass, and weeds, are also growing like crazy.  The owner was just here and appeared to have trouble with the mower.  The mower was hauled away, however we are expecting them back soon.  Until then, the girls and I will enjoy basking in the Kona sun in the comfort of the long, green grass.

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