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Coffee Pruning 101 by Boris

March is a beautiful time of the year on the Hawaiian Energy Farm.  The girls are laying for a spring time hatch.  There are few storms in the forecast, so we are hoping the rains will find our Kona Coffea Arabica. 

We watched the last of the coffee cherries being harvested this week.

Pruning has begun. The method of choice is the old, traditional Kona-style which consists of removing the oldest branches from each tree so there is room for new branches to replace them.  Coffee branches require a year or two to reach full maturity.  Production starts to drop off by the fourth year, so by constantly removing older branches to make room for younger branches the tree can produce at a steading level year after year. Depending on conditions, it’s also possible to prune lighter some years to help boost production or prune heavier in other years to prevent die back due to over-bearing.  The disadvantage of traditional Kona-style pruning is that every tree must be pruned every year.

Well I must attend to my flock.

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