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Health Benefits of Caffeine

Hi, it’s Boris.  You love coffee?  We at Hawaiian Energy Sports love our Hawaiian Energy Coffee, 100% Kona coffee.  We would like to share some information found in an article by Marshal Brain and Charles Bryant that was published on the Discovery Fit & Health website.  

Health Benefits of Caffeine

There have been studies published recently that highlight health benefits of drinking coffee.  With many studies over the past 30 years on the effects of caffeine and coffee, one of the most intense studies was on 126,000 people that spanned an 18 year period.  This study, done by Harvard University, found that people who drink 1 - 3 cups of coffee per day are up to 9 percent less likely to contract diabetes.  The findings also show that men who drank 6 or more cups of coffee per day are 54 percent less likely to contract diabetes and women (who drank 6 or more cups) are 30 percent less likely to contract diabetes. [source: Kirchheimer].

Other studies have shown that regular coffee drinkers are:
  • 80 percent less likely to develop Parkinson;
  • 80 percent drop in cirrhosis; and
  • Drinking 2 cups of coffee per day decreases your risk of colon cancer by 20 percent and the risk of developing gallstones by 50 percent.

A study by The Byrd Alzheimer s Institute in Tampa, FL found that caffeine decreased the chance of developing and reduced the symptoms of Alzheimers disease. The doctors believe that these same effects would be found in humans who consumed up to 5 cups of coffee per day. [source: Arendash]

The studies have also shown that there additional benefits for asthma, decreasing headaches, mood elevation and cavity prevention.

Most of these findings are linked to the caffeine in coffee, however some are linked to the antioxidant properties of the coffee bean.

Come and enjoy Hawaiian Energy Coffee, 100% Kona coffee, for your daily cup. My final thoughts for you coffee lovers, everything in moderation. Enjoy!

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