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Caffeine ~ There's an App For That

Caffeine Zone 2 and Caffeine Zone 2 Lite

by Applied Cognitive Systems, LLC

Available for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch

Have you ever wondered whether you're too many cups or too many hours into the day for another jolt of caffeine? Wonder no more...developed at Pennsylvania Sate University, Caffeine Zone helps determine how much caffeine is in your bloodstream at any given time.  Caffeine Zone is based on research on the “pharmacokinetics of caffeine".  You enter how much coffee or tea you’ve had, when you had it, and how quickly you drank it.  The app sends you an alert when you might need another cup to keep you sharp. The app also warns you when the coffee you’re about to have might keep you up at night. On a graph, it maps the amount of caffeine in your body against color-coded zones corresponding to the compound’s metabolic effects.

According to Frank Ritter, the Penn State cognitive scientist who thought up the app, one of the lessons it teaches is that caffeine is most effective when intake is front-loaded. Your first coffee of the day should be the biggest, and ingested the fastest.  The rest of the day’s doses should be smaller and ingested more slowly. You want to stay in that optimum range. “You don’t want to have these big pulses of a whole cup,” he emphasizes. “I say cold coffee is good.” "It’s trajectory management: Launch rocket, achieve desired altitude, maintain orbit with tweaks."

Caffeine Zone 2 Lite (free) and Caffeine Zone 2 ($0.99 and ad free) is available on iTunes.  Be sure to personalize your settings so app will work best for you.

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