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Tips for Great Coffee ~ the French Press

A french press will provide you with a delicious coffee.  Here are a few tips and tricks that will help you make that perfect tasting cup of coffee with your french press:

  • Regardless of how you make your coffee, great tasting coffee starts with great tasting water. A quick and easy way to improve your coffee is to use a water filter that attaches to a faucet.
  • If possible, use fresh coffee beans that are three to ten days old. Younger beans haven't completely matured yet and may taste off and older beans start to go stale and losing flavor.
  • Not sure how much ground coffee to use?  Check out "How Much Ground Coffee for Brewing".
  • A good coffee grinder makes good coffee. Cheaper grinders can produce uneven size grounds, including fine particle sizes that can sneak through the filters and into your cup, and can also produce burnt tasting coffee because the friction of the blades can heat up the grinds so much that they’re singed. Check out "Get Into the Grind" for more detailed information on grinders.  
  • Leave an inch of space above the waterline for the filter and the press. If you put too much water in or press down too fast, hot water can come squirting out.
  • If you like coffee with extra body, stir it as steeps. This will give your coffee a stronger taste and allows less time for the sediment to settle.
  • The exact time the coffee needs to steep before the press is pushed down varies depending on the kind of coffee beans. Paying attention to aroma is more important. Initially, you will smell  a burst of acidity when the oils are shocked by the heat. The acidic smell is replaced by the aroma of the body of the coffee before the acidic smell returns. That’s when the press should be pressed down, or if you’re really good, right before the acidic smell returns.
  • Clean you french press after each use. Baking soda or denture cleaner tablets are two of the most popular ways. Use baking soda to scrub the parts or you can soak the parts in the denture cleaner tablets. Rinse thoroughly when you’re done, making sure that there’s no left over residue from the coffee or the cleaning.  You can take the cleaning a step further by using an ultrasonic cleanser once a week. It’ll remove sediment, dirt and oil off what looks like a clean french press.
  • If you like iced coffee, try keeping your french press over night in your fridge. Use cold water and the coffee comes out sweet and clean tasting. 

Do you have any tips on making french press coffee?

Reader Comments (2)

Carefully scoop out some of the sediment just befor pushing down. It makes it a lot easier
Decant the coffee in anorher pot That way your brew won't continue steeping. Altough the grounds are submerged a small level of rewing is still going on changing the taste as time progresses

June 6, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterDjaya

Thanks for the great tip @Djaya.

June 7, 2012 | Registered CommenterEnergy Dude

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