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Snow! Kona Style.

Hi, Boris here. It's another beautiful time of the year here at the Hawaiian Energy Coffee Farm. The coffee trees are covered in "snow"!  Yes, "snow".  

For those that don't know the terminology...Kona coffee blooms in February and March. The small white flowers that covers the trees is known as Kona Snow.  In full bloom, the farm turns white with "Kona Snow".  It really is a beautiful sight.  

Along with the beautiful sight, there is a wonderful jasmine scent that fills the air and you can hear the honey bees buzzing about. Coffee plants are self-pollinators, however they benefit from insect pollination.

Depending upon weather, the conditions of the trees and management practices used by the coffee farmers, coffee farms in Kona will have 4 or 5 significant blooms each early spring, culminating into 4 or 5 rounds of coffee cherry harvest a little more than seven months later in the year.

Gotta go - time to meet the girls for our version of the "Polar Bear Club".  

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