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Fertilize! Fertilize! Fertilize!

Hello friends, Boris here.  Such a busy day here on the Hawaiian Energy Coffee Farm.  

If you will remember, the girls and I live here for what we originally thought was to manage the farm.  However, we overheard a conversation last summer that exposed the truth - we are here to "fertizlize"...and by fertilize I mean...well, you can figure it out (and if you can't, you can take another look at my previous explanation).  

Apparently, the girls and I are not providing enough fertilizer.  All the activity on the farm today was the owner spreading fertilizer under the trees.  I was able to take a peek at one of the bags and, after referring to a Periodic Table of Elements, I can say that I understand why the fertilizer is used.  There are minerals in that mixture that I am happy to NOT be "excreting" and excess of.  I understand that our "fertilizer" provides important nutrients, however a little help can only help our beautiful trees produce an abundance of healthy coffee cherry.

Oh, if you were wondering...we are STILL waiting on that pond with a diving board. 

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