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"Caffeinated" Valentines Ideas

Want to try something a little different than flowers for Valentines Day?  Here are a few suggestions to spoil your coffee-loving Valentine. 

"Coffee Lovers" Gift Basket

Have fun with gathering up items to include in your gift.  Anything from gourmet whole bean coffee to Biscotti to Espresso Candy will fit perfectly in the coffee-themed gift.

Red French Press Bodum Brazil 8-Cup French Press Coffee Maker

Red is the perfect color for Valentines...why not buy your coffee lover a red french press.  Much more affordable than an espresso machine, the french press does not filter out the essential oils and sediment, delivering an intense, flavorful cup of coffee.  

Handmade Chocolate Covered Beans 

Want to make your Valentine something?  Using two ingredients - coffee beans and chocolate - you can make your own chocolate covered beans.  

Chocolate Covered Coffee Beans

  • Good coffee beans (you can use flavored beans)
  • Chocoate - a richer chocolate, such as Dove's Bliss or Ghiardelli, balances out the bean. You can also use "regular" chocolate.

Using approximately 4 ounces of chocolate for every 1 cup of coffee beans, melt the chocolate in a double broiler until creamy.  Add the coffee beans and stir until completely coated.  Remove with a slotted spoon, allowing excess chocolate to drip off, then lay the beans on wax paper to set.  Once the coffee beans have cooled sufficiently, but while the chocolate is still soft, roll the beans in your hand to form round balls.  You can skip rolling the chocolate covered beans into balls if you prefer the "coffee bean" shape.  Harden the chocolate covered beans by freezing for 30 minutes or refrigerating for 1 day.  

Variations - add a splash of liquer to the chocolate, roll the chocolate covered beans in cocoa powder (once the coffee beans have cooled sufficiently, but while the chocolate is still soft - after you have rolled the beans to form balls) or experiment with the chocolate you use...milk, dark or white chocolate.

You can also roast the beans in the oven prior to dipping in chocolate if you prefer a "crisper" coffee bean.  Simply preheat the oven to 350 degrees, place the coffee beans on a baking sheet and roast for 8 - 10 minutes.  

Be creative with the packaging - a nice container or cellophane bag (used for candy making) tied with a nice ribbon. 

Do you have any "caffeinated" Valentines ideas? 

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