2013 Kona Coffee Cultural Festival

43rd Annual Kona Coffee Cultural Festival

November 1-10, 2013

Recognized as the oldest and most successful food festival in Hawaii, the Kona Coffee Cultural Festival celebrates Kona Coffee, the "Pride of the Pacific".

Praised for its fine, aromatic and memorable taste, Kona coffee will once again take center stage at the 43rd annual Kona Coffee Cultural Festival from November 1-10, 2013.  

The annual Kona coffee harvest that has sustained Kona's agricultural community is celebrated every November. The award-winning Kona Coffee Cultural Festival honors Kona's cultural heritage and recognizes the accomplishments of Kona coffee pioneers, farmers and artisans.

Each year the Kona Coffee Cultural Festival hosts over forty special event. Visitors, residents and veteran Kona coffee pickers compete in the Festival's Kona Coffee Picking Contest, or gather in Historic Kailua Village to watch colorful lanterns light the evening sky as Kona's heritage is celebrated with community groups in colorful ethnic costumes. Festival fun continues with a recipe contest, Kona coffee tastings, a scholarship pageant, two-days of Kona coffee cupping competition, farm tours, cultural workshops, art exhibits, an outdoor concert and much more.

For additional information, including a complete listing of festival events, visit the Kona Coffee Cultural Festival website.  


The Best Foods for Body & Brain (Student Edition) - Infographic

It's Back to School time.  College students tend to grab fast food which can adversly affect their daily activities, including sleep and study time.  Study time, sleep and stress can be improved with proper food choices.

What are the Best Foods for Body & Brain?

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Incredible Coffee Art - Taking Lattes to a Whole New Level 

Incredible Coffee Art Taking Lattes to a Whole New Level

Mike Breach creates beautiful coffee art while working as a New York City barista

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The Medical Benefits of Being Addicted to Coffee Infographic

The Medical Benefits of Being Addicted to Coffee

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How to Brew Coffee with the AeroPress ~ A Video Tutorial

AeroPress, previously included on our 2012 Holiday Gift Guide, is the "latest craze" in coffee brewing.  Check out this video tutorial by Coffee Nate on how to brew a rich, flavorful cup of coffee using the AeroPress.



Step By Step AeroPress Instructions (as outlined on the video):

  1. Wet the rubber piston and insert it into the brewing chamber about 1/4 inch
  2. Stand the brewer upside down (look at the numbers)
  3. Place the black funnel over the opening
  4. Pour the ground coffee into the funnel
  5. Remove the funnel, start the timer, and slowly add the hot water
  6. Pour the water in a circular motion, ensuring that all of the coffee is saturated
  7. Fill to the top of the circle around the number “1″
  8. Slowly stir for about 10 seconds (Stir slowly to reduce the drop in brewing temperature)
  9. Place the filter disk onto the top of the brewer and secure with black filter cover by turning clockwise
  10. Wait until the timer reads “1:00″
  11. Carefully, with two hands, flip the brewer upright, and rest it on the top of your mug
  12. Apply slow, steady pressure on the piston (Like a giant coffee syringe)  Be sure you are pushing straight down, no angling
  13. When you get close to the bottom, you will begin to hear a hissing noise.  Remove the brewer from your mug when this starts.
  14. Use second container to finish pressing out the rest of the air and liquid.  Press very firmly.
  15. Remove the filter cover and filter disk
  16. Eject the spent coffee grounds into the second container or compost pile/bucket 
  17. Rinse the rubber piston with water before pulling it back through the brewer
  18. Enjoy!

Mahalo, Coffee Nate!  

Who knew that AeroPress is from Aerobie, the makers of "high performance toys"?