Coffee Travels, But Where Does It Go?

Coffee Travels But Where Does It Go?
Published by Mocha Joe's

An Illustrated Guide to Coffee Drinks

An Illustrated Guide to Coffee Drinks

Created by Espresso Deco

The Coffee Facts

The Coffee Facts

All You Need to Know About Coffee and Fair Trade in the World 

The Coffee Facts by The Coffee Club Belgium

Created by The Coffee Club, a coffee house chain located in Belgium


2012 Cream of the Crop ~ Results

Congratulations to the participants in the Kona Coffee Council's Cream of the Crop competition

The 2012 Results are:

Peoples Choice Awards


  • Open-Greenwell Farms, Inc.
  • Estate-Wailele Estates Kona Coffee
  • Organic-Mountain Thundern Coffee Plantation
  • Dessert- Kona Mocha Misu- Alaina deHavilland / Wailele Estates Kona Coffee 


  • Open-  Java on the Rock
  • Estate- The Kona Coffee & Tea Company
  • Organic- Lyman Kona Coffee Farms
  • Dessert- Kona Coffee & Chocolate Dreams - Torsten & Sabine Andresen


  • Open- Blue Moon Kona Coffee
  • Estate- Hapaki Farm
  • Dessert- Double Chocolate 100% Kona Coffee Brownies - Chai Neo

Chef's Award


  • Open- Java on the Rock
  • Estate - The Kona Coffee & Tea Company
  • Organic- Lyman Kona Coffee Farms
  • Dessert - Pineapple & Coffee Syrup Rum Cake- Heather's Hawaiian


  • Open - Kona Rising Coffee Co.
  • Estate- Bebo's Kona Coffee
  • Organic - Mountain Thunder Coffee Plantation 
  • Dessert - Kona Mocha Misu - Alaina deHavilland


  • Open- Naupaka 100% Kona Coffee(From Kona Cafe LLC.) 
  • Estate - Kona Kulana Farms
  • Dessert- Kona Coffee & Chocolate  Dreams- Torsten & Sabine Andresen

DFS Hawaii Makes Guiness World Records┬« with Largest Coffee Mosaic Art

Congratulations to DFS Hawaii employees for setting a Guiness World Records® on August 10, 2012 by creating the world's largest coffee mosaic art to celebrate the upcoming Art of Hawaiian Coffee event at DFS Galleria Waikiki.

The mosaic, from 5,642 cups of coffee with 10 different shades, created a familiar and much-loved image for Hawaii - Elvis, during his 'Blue Hawaii' movie days.

The previous record holder in the coffee mosaic category was the Sydney Harbour Foreshore Authority for The Rocks Aroma Festival in Sydney, Australia in 2009 with 3,604 cups of depicting the Mona Lisa.