Hawaiian Energy Sports

Hawaiian Energy Sports, a Big Island company, formed with respect for the Hawaiian Islands, its energies and power. Combining a passion for high energy sports with the belief that your choice of sport(s) is not only an activity, but a lifestyle - our vision is to provide you with the best products possible for your active lifestyle.

Hawaiian Energy Sports, founded by Dane Enos of Kailua-Kona, Hawaii. Many thanks, appreciation and gratitude must be given to Felix Rabanal who was part of the conception and whose encouragement has given a wonderful beginning to this small start up business.  

Dane, a native of the Big Island, grew up respecting the islands, its spiritual and sustainable energies. One of his earlier memories, at age 3, was surfing in a homemade canoe fabricated from metal corrugated roofing, folded and tarred both front and back to keep the water out while catching waves in the historic and spiritual place Puuhonua O Honaunau, more commonly known as The City of Refuge. From this early age he quickly discovered, through fun and excitement, the energy of the ocean as well as the energies that continually surround us. Dane holds fast to the belief that spiritual power and energies can be felt throughout these islands.

After attending college in Oregon, Dane quickly discovered that he wanted to return to the Big Island.  He enjoyed the beauty and diversity offered by the mainland, however the islands and its lifestyle is where he feels at home.

Dane's passion for life keeps him active and enjoying many water sports, land sports and being up in the air flying a Diamond single prop plane - all for fun, enjoying and respecting all that is offered by the islands and the ocean that surrounds them.  Living the mantra - Smile, Enjoy, Live and Have Fun!

From his passion for high energy sports and the use of energy supplements, Dane wanted to develop products that were beneficial for our bodies, providing both short-term and long-term benefits. His vision continues to be to provide a product that can be taken daily by everyone - regardless of age and lifestyle.  Hawaiian Energy Sports is proud to offer you, our consumer, Hawaiian Energy Shotz.

Feel the Power of the Islands!