What People Are Saying About Hawaiian Energy Shotz

An important aspect of our mission at Hawaiian Energy Sports is to provide the best products for our customers. Our goal in developing Hawaiian Energy Shotz was to provide a product that would offer hours of sustained energy from quality ingredients to assure both short-term and, most importantly, long-term benefits.  With the realization that individual needs and experiences vary, we look forward to hearing from our customers about your experience with Hawaiian Energy Shotz.  

We want to hear from you!  If you have questions or feedback on any of the Hawaiian Energy Sports products, please use the contact link to email us.  Mahalo!

Feel the Power of the Islands!


"We wanted to help support you, our paddling brother, in your 6 hour energy business by buying a case from you at the Queen Lilioukalani Race.  Turns out that was a win win for both of us.  I was feeling pretty beat up after moving canoes all week and then racing back-to-back, but your energy shotz must have been what kept me pushing in the one man on Sunday.  I felt revived." 

~Hunter, Kailua-Kona, HI (September 2012)


"I personally like it as it is smooth and does not "jolt" like some heavy caffeine/sugar based energy drinks. I have yet to try it on long distance yet as we are still early in our training regimen. Will keep you posted."  

~Roger, San Francisco, CA (April 2011)


"I did the Kings Swim in Kona last weekend and you guys had a free bottle in the bag.   I tried it on our 1.6 mile swim yesterday and it was very smooth, no jitters from too much caffeine, and a faster recovery." 

~Robin, Kapaau, HI (July 2011)


"This product is so clean & smooth, gives me the boost that I'm looking for without the jitters, love that clean energy feeling & focus of b-vitamins, also no crash & bonking! It really works and helps me on those long, fun days on the ocean! MAHALO NUI LOA" 

~Jerry, Waimea, HI (Hawaii Waterman) (August 2011)


"Aloha HES, As a busy 40 something woman who is non stop on the go working on our TV shows, sales marketing, working out and taking care of my family, come mid day I often find myself burning out. I have tried some of the other 5 hour energy drinks and all it did was make me feel shaky, uneasy and praying the bad speed effect would end soon. Your Hawaiian Energy Shotz are the first that I have tried which gives me just the right amount of pep in my step to finish my day with a smile on my face. I can stay focused and do what needs to be done to stay on our path of success. Keep up the great work and you can bet keeping it local matters and we all here in Hawaii appprecaite what you are doing!" 

~Terry, Ewa Beach, HI (Ocean Paddler TV) (August 2011)