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Hawaiian Energy Coffee

An important aspect of our mission at is to provide the best products for our customers. We look forward to hearing from our customers about your experience with the Hawaiian Energy Coffee, 100% Kona Estate Coffee.

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Customer Feedback - Bill, Maine (January, 2014)

From the extreme "other side of the country" Bill found Hawaiian Energy Coffee on-line through a simple google search.  Bill's "blind faith" in Hawaiiian Energy Coffee (by the amount of coffee he ordered) was greatly appreciated.  

"The coffee arrived safely and I had a chance to try some. It's got a rich, smooth, yet subtle flavor with no acidic after taste. Drinking it makes me feel energized, yet laid back, the way I felt when visiting Oahu back in the late seventies as a squid (USN). I take a sip and I have Hula dancers circling my head, telling me their stories; confusing, but fun. As beautiful as Oahu was, I imagine thet the other islands are just as beautiful, without so much tourist and Navy activity. Maybe someday if I have enough time and money I can go see the rest of Hawaii for myself. I'll try to make this coffee last a year, then I'll be ready to buy some more if you want to drop me a line when the time comes. If my family and friends are interested, is there any of this year's crop left? The fact that it's grown, picked, roasted and sold by fellow Americans makes it well worth the extra cost, especially when the coffee is so good. Did I say good? No. Excellent! 

Mahalo and I wish you all the best in the new year-Bill"

Don't you love his reference to hula dancers?  A wonderful day dream of Hawaii in the cold winter of Maine.  


Marco Arment Review of Hawaiian Energy Coffee (April, 2011)

"Got the coffee a few days ago. (That was fast.) 

It's excellent. I've always been a bit of a Kona skeptic because, while it always tasted exceptionally smooth, the ones I've had in the past haven't had a lot of character. But this one's great. Full-bodied, yet smooth. It's one of the best coffees I've ever had.

Thank you so much.


Marco is the co-founder of Tumblr, the developer of Instapaper and has a Podcast on the 5by5 Network. Marco is also a coffee geek and aficionado.