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I Aloha Molokai ~ Call for Support

The "I Aloha Molokai" opposes the installation of wind turbines on Molokai and undersea cable from Molokai to send power to Oahu. This grassroots group of Molokai residents and off-island supporters are fighting both big business developers and the state government in Hawaii to stop the destruction of Molokai as we know it today. The area of West Molokai is rich in ancient historical sites that would be destroyed and wildlife that would be killed by the construction of ninety 420 foot wind turbines. While other islands in state have been overdeveloped, Molokai is the last truly Hawaiian island in people, culture and lifestyle. 

Check out the Indie GoGo documentary project by PF Bentley.  For additional information on "I Aloha Molokai" and the proposed installation of the wind turbines, visit  the "I Aloha Molokai" website.  

Due to no reaching the goal with the Kickstarter campaign, pledges were not honored (Kickstarter has an "all or nothing" policy with goals).  If you pledged on the original campaign, please extend your pledge to the new campaign.

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