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Hui Aloha Kiholo

Hui Aloha Kīholo was created as a response to the growing number of important issues and concerns occurring in and around Kīholo Bay. These include the many recent changes along the greater West Hawaii coastline, the designation of Kīholo Bay as a State Park Reserve, and an expressed desire among the community to work together to care for Kīholo. In 2007, the founders believed the time had arrived for an organized and collaborative effort to take care of a place that is significant to Hawaiian history and culture, as well as to the people who are currently connected to Kīholo through lineage, family history, residence and recreation. They brought together into one Hui all those who are linked to Kīholo for cultural, community, ecological, sustenance and spiritual reasons in an effort to steward Kīholo in perpetuity.

Kīholo Bay is an amazing coastal landscape that draws people from all over the world. It's deep history, sweeping natural beauty, and undeveloped character capture the imagination of all who visit here. Many who visit feel the desire to give something back to Kīholo in return for what it has done for them, which is the very core of Hui Aloha Kīholo's existence.

As a registered 501(c)(3) organization, Hui Aloha Kīholo assists with a wide variety of ways for people to contribute their aloha to Kīholo, from helping pick up rubbish on your visit, becoming a Hui Aloha Kīholo Member, becoming an active volunteer, to charitable donations. In whichever way you care to contribute, your gifts are always appreciated! 

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