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Hawaiian Energy Sports - Finding Myself In A New Business

Dreams Are Possible
Starting a new business can be a challenging venture.  As a small-business owner for the last 12 years, I feel fortunate that I have had a successful, growing business.  Approximately 2 years ago, I had an opportunity for another business that would take me in a whole new direction from where I had become focused.  

Having The Dream
As an athlete, I saw a business that would compliment my life-long passion for high-energy sports.  I saw an opportunity to channel this passion into providing quality consumer products, initially a 2 ounce energy shot.  As a consumer, I had tried most of the supplement drinks, energy shots, energy drinks and energy products on the market.  With appreciation of how supplementation can provide you with the nutrients to help sustain energy and endurance, perhaps increase your focus and performance, my goal was to produce a quality product that would have short-term and long-term benefits.  Starting with a sketch on a piece of paper, and about two years of "thinking about it", my dream was beginning to take shape.

Hello World, Introducing...
Deciding on a name for the product is where I spent most of my days.  Understanding little about branding, I did know the importance of the name. Asking friends and family their thoughts on a name, I reflect back at what could have ended my dream early on. Knowing that it would be the first impression of the company, I knew that it had to represent the product and the name, along with the label, would be what would attract consumers.  The name of the product, Hawaiian Energy Shotz, was the main plan early on.  In further thinking, I decided that we needed a name for the company if developing additional products was part of the business plan.  Born was Hawaiian Energy Sports.  

A BRAND New World
With the name of the company in place and the name of our flagship product decided upon, I quickly realized that one of the prominent factors of success for a business was branding. Looking at all the well-known energy drinks on the market (5 Hour Energy, Monster, Red Bull) I realized that these well-known brands were well-branded, marketing “machines”.  Just as Monster has “Release the Beast”, I decided that Hawaiian Energy Sports needed a tag line that represented the Islands.  Back to the drawing board, “Feel the Power of the Islands” came to be the chosen tag line.  I felt that this tag line represented what I was trying to bottle. As any Hawaiian would tell you, there is a “magic” about the islands.  I felt that the word “power” captured all elements of the islands: the power of the ocean, the force of the volcanoes, the sacredness of the lands and the spirituality that surrounds all.

Bring In The Experts
As any small-business owners will admit, starting a business can be quite a humbling experience.  I have always known that I didn’t have all the skills or the answers and I quickly learned that no question was a “bad” question.  What I do have, however, is a strong support system of friends and family that have skills that would help me succeed.  Not wanting to reinvent the proverbial wheel, I relied on the gained wisdom and professional skills of friends and family.  

Setbacks Bring Opportunities 
Another valuable lesson I have learned is that the beginning is the perfect opportunity to make necessary adjustments.  I looked at the “speed bumps” as opportunity.  If the formula of the product isn’t quite right - reformulate before it hits the shelves.  If the colors of the label are not quite as expected - adjust before the bottle is in the hands of the consumers.   There were times when it would have been easier to not go forward, however I chose to look at the delays as a “gift of time” that would allow the company and the product to have the best start possible for long-term success.

I look forward to sharing more about my experiences and Hawaiian Energy Sports.  

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