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Hawaiian Energy Shotz - customer product reviews of our 6 hour energy shot 

Hawaiian Energy Sports is excited to get our energy shot product on the market and in the hands of consumers.  It is even more exciting to receive feedback about the product. Here are a few of the comments we have received from new customers:
“After hearing about your product from a friend that met you at the Malibu to Marina race I decided to give Hawaiian Energy Shotz a try.  Being a long term 5 Hour Energy user, I am very happy with your product. The taste is good, without the after bite that other products have.  I use energy shots as a drink for energy before my workouts, to keep me from “hitting the wall” in the afternoon or during long drives.  Attached is a picture of your product in its new home on my workbench.  Thanks!”
(website order customer)

“I tried Hawaiian Energy Shotz at the Malibu to Marina race last weekend.  I felt that the 6 hour energy shot helped me power through the long course.  At the point when I would normally start to feel fatigued, I felt strong and focused”
(Malibu to Marina race competitor)

“I received product last week from the San Francisco distributor.  I am letting teammates try it out this week.  I personally like it as it is smooth and does not “jolt” like some heavy caffein/sugar based energy drink.  I have yet to try it on our long distance yet as we are still early in our training regimen.  Will keep you posted”
website contact, via ad in Pacific Paddler)

With a passion for the product we offer, we love the positive feedback we our receiving. Thanks to everyone that has tried our 6 hour energy shot.  If you haven’t already tried Hawaiian Energy Shotz, give it a try.  We feel confident that you will find that it will be your new energy drink of choice. You can order online, or check out our (expanding) list of retail locations.

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