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6th Annual Hilo Inter-Tribal Powwow & Native Heritage Days

 May 28, 29 and 30, 2011



 May 22 - 30, 2011



The Hilo Inter-Tribal Powwow and Native Heritage Days is a community event held each Memorial Day week in Hilo, Hawaii. Three days of non-competitive sharing, classes, craft fair featuring the work of traditional artisans, and other educational, cultural and fun events culminate in a veteran's honoring, resulting in a heart-felt holiday enjoyed by young and old of all cultures.

The Hilo Inter-Tribal Powwow honors the host culture Kanaka Maoli, the indigenous people of Hawaii, in a unique opening ceremony led by Kahu Kimo Pihana. 

During the powwow, halau hula (traditional schools of indigenous Hawaiian dance) share dances of the host culture between the dances of Native American and First Nations people.

Food is critical to most indigenous gatherings, and Hilo's Powwow is no exception - it is famous for its Indian tacos and its frybread. 

Also exceptional is the Hilo Inter-Tribal Powwow Craft Fair. A small craft fair noted for its quality.  The vendors are Native practitioners of their crafts. The Native American, First Nations, Alaska Native and Kanaka Maoli vendors are experts in their fields, friendly and willing share their knowledge. Many of the vendors also participate in the dances and other cultural activities throughout the powwow.

For more information, visit the Hilo Powwow website.

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