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Maui Jim Triple Crown of Stand Up Paddle 2011 ~ Mormaii World Cup Results

Hawaiian Energy Sports

congratulates all the paddlers who competed in the Maui Jim Trip Crown of Standup Paddle 2011   

3 races and 57+ miles ~ Connor Baxter sweeps the Crown, placing first in all three races.  

The top overall finishers of the Mormaii World Cup are:

Men's Elite

  1. Connor Baxter 3:10:44
  2. Dave Kalama 3:11:37
  3. Livio Menelau 3:19:04

Women's Elite

  1. Andrea Moller-Bouwens 3:50:13
  2. Jenny Kalmbach 4:12:27
  3. Devin Blish 4:12:31

The overall top finishers for the Maui Jim Triple Crown of SUP are:

  1. Connor Baxter
  2. Dave Kalama
  3. Livio Menelau
  4. Mark Raaphorst
  5. Jeremy Riggs
  6. Scott Trudon
  7. Bart deZwart
  8. Jerry Bess
  9. Zen Schweitzer
  10. Andrew McGurn

For complete resutls of the Mormaii World Cup and the Maui Jim Trip Crown of Standup Paddle, visit the Handsome Bugga Productions website.   

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