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Shotz for Seniors

Shotz for Seniors

The Wall Street Journal is reporting that energy shots, such as Hawaiian Energy Shotz, now have an “unlikely” consumer demographic.  The appeal of shot-type products now extends to baby boomers.  Alongside “elderly-focused” beverages, such as Ensure nutritional shakes, you may now find energy shot drinks.

If you have noticed advertisements on adult focused premium channels, such as The Discovery Channel or Learning Channel, no need to pick up the remote to check the channel.  You are not imagining the new advertising campaigns on these types of channels.

A prominent energy shot company has also done some work with AARP, the aging persons advocacy group. Product samples were handed out at the last annual AARP convention, and ads have been place in the AARP Bulletin, which has a distribution reaching up to 22 million households.

Along with pharmaceutical samples, doctors now may find themselves being handed coupons for energy shots to hand out to their older patients.  There is also a new target market - golf course clubs and pro shops which, stereotypically, have many “older” people putting their way through their golden years.  

With a dose of caffeine, stimulants, minerals and vitamins, the aging population may find this an extra boost just what they need to help keep active when they are not willing to slow down as their age increases.  Niacin, a common ingredient in shot-type energy products, is often prescribed to lower cholesterol.  

Hawaiian Energy Sports  promotes good health with its product, Hawaiian Energy Shotz.  Our mission is to provide you with the best products for your active lifestyle.  So, all you baby boomers...check out Hawaiian Energy Shotz.   For retail locations, check the retail locations page or you can order online.


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