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Trashcan Triathlon ~ Results

Hawaiian Energy Sports congratulates all the competitors of the 2011 Trashcan Triathlon 

The overall results include time deducted from finish time for each piece of trash picked up from the race course. Time deductions for each piece of trash: 5 minutes on swim, 3 minutes on bike and 1 minute on run.

Overall Individual Results with adjusted times, if applicable:

  1. Doug Henbest (- 6:36:36)
  2. Holualoa Pete (- 4:24:09)
  3. Jason Heady (- 3:05:18)
  4. Michael Traub (- 2:37:15)
  5. Pam Miller (- 2:14:36)
  6. Bob Smith (- 1:01:58)
  7. Kym Kiser 16:52
  8. Wendy Minor 17:44
  9. Ysabel Thomas 39:23
  10. Mike DeCarli 1:00:20

For complete results visit the West Hawaii Today website.  A special thanks to all the competitors who picked up trash along the way.  

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