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2011 Molokai 2 Oahu World Championship Paddleboard Race ~ Results

Hawaiian Energy Sports congratulates all the athletes that competed in the 2011 Molokai 2 Oahu World Championship Paddleboard Race

The top finishers are:

Men's SUP

  1. Connor Baxter 4:26:10
  2. Scott Gamble 4:30:10
  3. Livio Menelau 4:33:13

Women's SUP

  1. Andrea Moller 5:26:51
  2. Talia Gangini 5:30:57
  3. Annabel Anderson 5:34:00

Men's Stock SUP

  1. Andrew Logreco 5:13:45
  2. Arnie Armstrong 5:28:56
  3. Justin Holland 5:59:10

Men's Prone

  1. Jamie Mitchell 4:40:31
  2. Brad Gaul 4:47:45
  3. Jackson English 4:53:03 

Women's Prone

  1. Jordan Mercer 5:22:31
  2. Kanesa Duncan Seraphin 5:50:19
  3. Candace Appleby 6:10:41

Men's Stock Prone

  1. Eric Abbott 5:26:59
  2. Cameron Cole 5:35:18
  3. Bert Charlton 5:41:05

A special congratulations to Jamie Mitchell, Connor Baxter, Jordan Mercer & Andrea Moller for their record setting day.

For complete results visit the Pacific Sport Events and Timing website.  

Feel the Power of the Islands!

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