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Kahala Challenge 2011 ~ Results

Hawaiian Energy Sports congratulates the athletes that competed in the Kahala Challenge (Swim.Run.Paddle) on August 28, 2011. A waterman's challenge to close out the weeklong Duke's OceanFest celebration.  

The overall results are:

CategoryFirst NameLast NameDivOverall Time
Paddleboard John Flanagan M35-49 44:39
Standup Scott Diedrich Relay 46:02
Paddleboard Kirk Fritz M35-49 49:02
Paddleboard Peter Hursty M35-49 50:54
Paddleboard Andrew Logreco M19-34 50:58
OC1 Krihna Chatterjee RELAY 52:53
OC1 Matt Beals M35-49 53:48
OC1 Andrew Fessenden M35-49 54:03
Standup Candice Appleby F19-34 54:34
OC1 Donielle Comeau Relay 54:39
Standup James Martindale M35-49 55:40
OC1 Ethan Chang Relay 56:54
OC1 Gregory Morris M35-49 57:02
Standup Robert Stehlik M35-49 57:17
Paddleboard Layne Owen Relay 57:30
Standup Logan Spencer M01-18 59:03
Standup Bennnett Mike M35-49 59:11
Standup Aaron Sundberg M35-49 59:39
Paddleboard Eliza Wilcox Relay 1:01:15
OC1 Garry Harsanyi M35-49 1:01:42
Paddleboard Bob Egbert M35-49 1:02:42
Paddleboard Michael Lorne M50-99 1:03:20
Standup Daniel Miller M19-34 1:03:59
Paddleboard Kathryn Taylor F19-34 1:05:05
Standup Markus Annis Relay 1:05:13
Standup Charlene Gaurano Relay 1:05:16
Standup Ross Matsumoto Relay 1:05:32
Standup Ikaika Pestana Relay 1:05:39
Standup Peter Ammerman M35-49 1:06:35
Paddleboard Jeanne Holm F35-49 1:06:37
Standup Kekai Davidson Relay 1:06:38
Standup David Cordell M50-99 1:07:00
Standup Matthew Schollard M19-34 1:07:04
Standup Dan Immeker M19-34 1:07:49
Standup Brad Feldman M50-99 1:08:15
Standup Stephen Dewald M01-18 1:08:54
OC1 Glenn Perry M50-99 1:09:16
Standup Greg Bruland M35-49 1:09:21
Paddleboard Robyn Miller F19-34 1:10:36
Standup Michael Mendez M35-49 1:10:55
Paddleboard Corbin Peleiholani M35-49 1:12:27
Paddleboard Catherine Fitzhardinge F19-34 1:12:30
Standup Keri Pang F35-49 1:13:38
Standup Karen Kramer F19-34 1:13:49
OC1 Kelvin Espiritu M35-49 1:14:03
Standup Michael Ohashi Relay 1:14:40
Standup Anthony McIntire M35-49 1:15:41
Standup Andrea Huston Relay 1:15:51
Standup Michael Donnelly M35-49 1:16:36
Standup Scott Higgins Relay 1:16:37
Standup Juan Cariedes M19-34 1:17:40
Standup Jason Paz M19-34 1:18:33
Standup Ann Nagel Relay 1:19:49
Standup Peg Tatum F35-49 1:23:19
Paddleboard Richy Bobby Klobuchar M19-34 1:25:34
Standup Timothy Smith Relay 1:27:35
Paddleboard Kimberly Ann Yamaguchi F01-18 1:28:43
Standup Dave Chong Relay 1:29:27
Standup Brian Shigaya M50-99 1:29:53
Standup Leanne Gillespie F35-49 1:32:03


Feel the Power of the Islands!

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