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Paradise Ride Kauai 2011

Paradise Ride Kauai

Lihue  l  August 6th - 7th

Paradise Ride Kauai 2011 is a 2-day bike ride on the island of Kauai. Its an amazing ride, not a race, through some of Kauais most breathtaking scenery, along the ocean, through valleys, local neighborhoods and open countryside. The ride is produced by Malama Pono Health Services which began as a grass-roots response to HIV on the 'Garden Isle'. Today, the mission of Malama Pono is to educate and support those dealing with HIV/AIDS, STDs and infectious Hepatitis. Paradise Ride Kauai is an important source of funding and helps provide services and programs not otherwise supported by Kauai United Way and State or Federal programs. 

Whether you are participating in a group event for the first time or you are an experienced cyclist, you will be able to choose your ride completion point at select rest stop points on either Day 1 (South Shore), Day 2 (North Shore), or Days 1 and 2 combined. This means you can choose to go as far as you think you are able starting at 11 miles, or 18 miles, 35 miles, or more, all the way to completing the entire route for both days totaling 110 miles.

For more information, contact Malama Pono 808.246.9577

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