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2012 Terrible Twenties (20k & 20 mile runs) ~ Results

Congratulations to the runners that competed in the Queen Ka‛ahumanu Triathlon Club Terrible Twenties Run

20 Kilometers

1. Rani Tanimoto1:27:43

2. Sal Salmi1:32:19

3. Sean Maynard1:34:17

4. Daniel Hodel1:34:27

5. Koa Kea1:35:50

6. Chris Smith1:39:18

7. Jeremy Withrow1:39:23

8. Orestes Barrios1:39:23

9. Wilfredo Duran1:40:59

10. Kris Kiser1:43:40

11. Melissa Braswell1:44:33

12. Chitwin San Tun1:44:33

13. Jessie Palama1:50:32

14. Jason Shepard1:51:11

15. Sarah Chang1:54:40

16. Chris Chang1:54:48

17. Serena Chamberlain2:03:34

18. John Kunitake2:23:15

19. Jeannette Vidgen2:23:15

20. Lava People2:29:20

20 Miles

1. Alan Ryan2:28:56

Alternate Distances

10 Miles

Kym Kiser1:41:05

10 Miles - Bike

Trystin Kiser2:03:34

Skyler Kiser2:03:34

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