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Hawaiian Energy Shotz - Vitamin B12

There's a New Shot(z) in Town.  Our in-depth look at the ingredients of Hawaiian Energy Shotz, the sixth of six B-Vitamins in the Shotz blend, continues with the Vitamin B12.  

Vitamin B12 helps keep the body’s nerve and blood cells health and helps make DNA (the genetic material in all cells).  Vitamin B12 also helps prevent megaloblastic anemia.  

Protein depends upon Vitamin B12 for proper processing within the body.  In the absence of B12, amino acids become unavailable for use.  B12 is also required in one of the steps in carbohydrate and fat processing, insufficient B12 also impacts the movement of carbohydrates and fats through the body.

The top benefits of Vitamin B12 are: 

  • Vitamin B12 is necessary to convert carbohydrates into glucose in the body which leads to energy production.*
  • Aids in healthy regulation of the nervous system, reducing depression and stress.*
  • B12 helps maintain a healthy digestive system.
  • Aids in improving unhealthy cholesterol levels.
  • Essential for healthy skin, hair and nails by helping in cell reproduction and constant renewal of the skin.

*It must be noted, the benefit of B12 for improved energy levels, memory, concentration and mood are more apparent in persons that are B12 deficient.  B12 occur naturally in animal products, as well as other foods (such as cereals) that are fortified with B12.  Strict vegetarians, older adults and those with medical conditions (or taking certain medications) that affect the absorption of B12 are most “at risk” for B12 deficiency.

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