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Hawaiian Energy Shotz - Inositol

There's a New Shotz Coming to Town.  We concluded our look at the B-complex vitamins with Vitamin B12 in our last post on the ingredients of Hawaiian Energy Shotz.  As we continue with Inositol, please note that it is often considered part of, or “related to”, the Vitamin B-complex (referred to as Vitamin B8).  Inositol works closely with Choline (another ingredient in Hawaiian Energy Shotz)

Technically, Inositol is a “vitamin-like molecule” not a “vitamin”.  It is a naturally occurring glucose isomer.  Inositol transports fat throughout your body and aids the neurons in the central nervous system - nourishing your brain and helping with the metabolism of fats and cholesterol.  

An overview of the benefits of Inositol: 

  • When combined with Choline it may help lower cholesterol. Together, Inositol and Choline produce lecithin which is fundamental in breaking down fats in your body which can help prevent fat build up in your arteries and the cellular level of your heart and brain by breaking down.
  • Helps mobilize fat from the liver and around the internal organs.
  • Inositol is thought to benefit depression & mood swings.  It also plays a role in serotonin production in the brain and nerve systems. 
  • With the B-complex vitamins, it can have a positive impact on body cells and ease the symptoms of diabetic neuropathy.
  • Works to stimulate muscular action, specifically in the intestines and alimentary canal to help ease constipation.
  • Promotes strong, healthy hair.

Hawaiian Energy Shotz - Feel the Power of the Islands!

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