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2013 Kauikeaouli Challenge Race ~ Results

Congratulations to the paddlers that competed in the

2nd Annual Kauikeaouli Challenge Race

This event features non-racing "recreational" paddlers, with the exception of an experienced steers person. This race started as a "challenge" last year between the Kai Opua and Keauhou recreational programs and has expanded to include visitors from the mainland.  The six-man canoes raced 3.1 miles from Keauhou to Kahaluu and returned to Keauhou.

The overall results are: 


1 MALIA KINI  MoFos John Capron, Chet Glenn, Rick Wilson, Bill Brooks, John Moore, Jonathan Grayson  MEN 0:25:48

2 IOLANA  Team Iolana John Gravelek, Denny Arnold,  John Christman, Dennis Daniell, Kerri Tobin, Tandy Kualii, Jr.  MEN 0:26:07

3 AUKUU Team Wreck Robert Thomas, Dan Denise, Jeff Nakamura Eugene Clapp, Tim Lorrest, Lawrence Goff  MEN 0:26:32

4 KAMALII KAI 2 Girls for Every Guy Megan Gandt, Tom Gandt, Danielle Benke Moe Linklater, Bob Darling, Pamela Myers  MIXED 0:27:10

5 KAI OPUA Team Tesoro Steve Prestia, Al Gustafson, Brian Cornel, Bill Linaker, Dan White, Hank Mendez  MEN 0:27:36

6 KONAWAENA Ho'okahi Keauhou Jim Kerver, Connie Zahalka, George Miller, Paul Regan, Nancy Regan, Jennifer Watt  MIXED 0:27:56

7 E ALA E False Creek Ken Linklater, Sam Patton, Judy Walkey, Rick Walkey, Carol Patton, Kelsey Patton  MIXED 0:30:26

8 UHANE Remember When Geroge Kekuchi, Tom Pyne, Bob VanDerWege, Bill Walton, Richard Stison, Robert Chipp MEN 0:30:41

9 KAI PUEONE Rookie Luck  Karen Thompson, Lei Durmas, Yuri Morita, Melanie Harper, Jo Ma, Mary White  WOMEN 0:34:46

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