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2014 Stan Cann Classic ~ Results

Congratulations to the paddlers that competed in the Stan Cann Classic

The overall results are:

Short Course

2 man mix 46:05 OC2 Mix
Kade Pelekane 46:05 OC1
Aaron 46:52 Surski
Sean Arellano 46:58 OC1
Chris Grogan 47:32 OC1
Pati Sua 47:58 OC1
Ryan Nakamura 48:04 OC1
Zack Judd 48:10 Oc1
2man (no names) 48:25 OC2
Kepa Weller 49:15 OC1
Wendall 52:09 OC1
Lehua Wall 53:38 OC1
Lisa Adams 56:04 OC1
Chris Handley 56:31 OC1
????? 57:02 OC1
Don Weir 59:07 OC1
Albert Lee 59:46 OC1
Barbara Renaird 1:12.00 OC1
Barckhoff 1:01.00 OC1
Sue Llane 1:02.06 OC1 60+


Long Course


Kaiea Cann 1:10:32 OC1

???? 1:11:39 OC1

Afa Tuaolo 1:12:28 OC1

2 man (???) 1:12:38 OC2

Spencer Lavea 1:13:30 OC1

Chris Marlow 1:13:40 OC1

Robert Olson 1:13:59 OC1

Nick Cranwell 1:14:34 OC1

Amanda Missler 1:15:13 OC1

Terrance Andrade 1:15:48 OC1

Kevin Kaluna 1:15:50 OC1

Louie Mendonca 1:15:53 OC1

Dane Enos 1:16:25 OC1

Nate Kaluhiwa 1:16:47 OC1

Nate Dawg 1:17:44 OC1

Sheila C/Kainoa L 1:18:10 OC1

Jeff C 1:18:48 OC1

Jasen Napihaʻa 1:18:53 OC1

Leilani Shackelford 1:19:18 OC1

Okita 1:19:44 Rudderless

Troy Parker-Bailey 1:20:24 OC1

Fred B/Carolyn 1:21:03 OC2 Mix


Note from the HIPA website regarding results:

Aloha paddlers!  Follow the link above to the "best possible" race results that I was able to put together from the Stan Cann race.  All times, overall finish and names were inputted as best as I could have read from the handwritten version.  If I had forgotten you or there was an error, please forgive me.  I was not at the race due to high school paddling that day, but wanted to assist in this area since many of us paddlers like to see how we did and how to improve for future races. Mahalo for your understanding and this area of race results will become better.  

Aloha, Eddie 

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