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2015 Stan Cann Classic ~ Results

Congratulations to the paddlers that competed in the

Stan Cann Classic

The results are:

Long Course - Approximately 9 miles
Ivan McIvor 1:13:15 1st Surfski
Kua Nolan 1:14:23 1st V-1 
Kaiea Cann 1:16:20 1st M-OC1-19-39
Jeremy Padayao 1:17:09 2nd M-OC1-19-39
Trey Cox 1:18:16 2nd V-1
Eddie Hayward 1:18:57 1st OC1-40-49
Nick Dahm 1:19:26 2nd Surfski
Theron Ogata 1:20:47 2nd M-OC1-40-49
Nathan Grocholski 1:21:29 3rd M-OC1-19-39
Aaron Mahaimoku 1:22:43 3rd Surfski
Afa Tuaolo 1:23:00 1st M-OC1-50-59
Paul Streiter 1:23:41 3rd M-OC1-40-49
Troy Bailey Parker 1:24:09 2nd M-OC1-50-59
Sheila Cadaoas/Michelle Padayao 1:24:10 1st F-OC2-Open
Kekoa Spoon 1:25:47 3rd V-1
Dane Enos 1:27:47 3rd M-OC1-50-59
Jeff Clemenson 1:29:33 4th M-OC1-50-59
Christina Williams/Angie Rey 1:29:57 2nd F-OC2-Open
Scott Larson 1:30:20 4th M-OC1-40-49
Jacques Blais 1:30:42 1st OM-OC1-60+
Teri Fong/Leila Duim 1:31:05 1st F-OC2-50+
Guy Loa 1:31:59 4th V-1
Steven Prestia 1:37:07 5th M-OC1-50-59
Heather Kimball 1:39:04 1st F-OC1-40-49
Martin Orlando 1:40:58 4th M-OC1-19-39
Kenneth Gonsalez 1:50:27 6th M-OC1-50-59
Short Course - Approximately 6 miles
Scott Ferry/Freddie Berengue 0:51:44 1st M-OC1-50+
Nick Ahyo 0:56:18 1st M-OC1-Cruiser
Chris Grogan 0:57:02 1st M-OC1-60+
Albert Lee 1:02:53 2nd M-OC1-Cruiser
Nolan Chock 1:04:07 2nd M-OC1-60+
Don Weir 1:17:09 3rd M-OC1-60+
Kristin Crews 1:21:42 1st F-Novice



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