Coffee Roasting and Packaging

It takes 1.25 lbs of green bean to make 1 lb of roasted coffee.´┐╝

  • Green bean is delivered to the roasting facility.

  • The roasting process is carefully monitored and timed to create a variety of roasts to meet the varied tastes or our customers.

  • After roasting, for ground or flavored coffee, the coffee is ground and/or flavoring is added to the coffee for optimal absorption.

´┐╝Throughout the entire process, from seed to packaged roasted coffee, each step is carefully designed to provide the highest quality possible.  For every 1 lb of roasted coffee delivered to our customers, over 6 lbs of coffee cherry is required.

coffee label

Hawaiian Energy Coffee is 100% Kona, packed in heat-sealed bags with an air lock valve for freshness.