Hawaiian Energy Sports Performance Band

Performance Meets Technology and World Beliefs 

Hawaiian Energy Sports offers its understanding of what a sports band represents. We’ve all heard the information on sport bands, we at Hawaiian Energy Sports think of our sports performance band as a “reminder band”.  A reminder to stay in the moment, living here and now, and being very present to perform at your best.  We believe a person who is focused on their task at hand will naturally perform better. Our performance band not only reminds us to be current, but may hold other benefits to strengthen and restore.

Everything in the universe, including our bodies, are made of energy.  The human body is more than a physical and chemical structure, it also has a subtle energy field known as bio-energy. Respected in many cultures, bio-energy is crucial to life.  We must protect our energy frequencies in order to achieve and maintain vibrant health.  Again, staying present and focused allows our energies to flow.

Performance goals are a personal experience, let it work for you!

This surgical grade silicone sports performance band is comfortable, yet durable.  The sporty, stylish band can go anywhere you do. Reversible - one side is embossed with 2 tiki images, "Feel the Power of the Islands" and "Hawaiian Energy Sports".  The embossing is highlighted in a constrasting color, as noted.  The other side has a hologram with a volcano image and embossed with "Feel the Power of the Islands" (without contrasting color).