Why Hawaiian Energy Shotz?

As a consumer, you have many choices when you purchase an energy drink, regardless of if you choose a carbonated drink, gel or a shot-like Hawaiian Energy Shotz.  We have confidence in the development of our products and are providing you with a side-by-side comparison to give you the information you need to make a better decision when choosing an energy shot.  

As we were researching ingredients for Hawaiian Energy Shotz, it became increasing apparent that we needed to provide a product that offered consumers B-complex vitamins.  The human body requires 13 vitamins, and 8 of these essential vitamins are from the B-complex group.  B-complex vitamins are absolutely essential for necessary metabolic processes such as red blood cell synthesis and the production of energy.  All B-complex vitamins are water soluble, meaning that your body cannot store them. B vitamins provide energy from using carbohydrates and converting them to glucose. B-complex vitamins are also essential for the metabolism of proteins and fat. B-complex vitamins work together, so it is important to take them all at the same time. B vitamins also have a level of interdependence, meaning that their benefit is optimized when taken with other B vitamins.  For example, Vitamin B and weight loss go hand in hand, but only when all forms of vitamin B are taken together.

We thought that it was important to include Vitamin C in Hawaiian Energy Shotz.  The most important thing you need to know about vitamin C is that it can help you stay well on a day-to-day basis. Vitamin C is essential for optimal immune function. Besides fighting off invaders, your immune system is also responsible for fighting the growth of cancer cells, so a healthy diet that includes a good dose of vitamin C is important for cancer prevention. Vitamin C is also water-soluble.

In an effort to offer an all-natural product, we turned our attention to the sweetener and preservatives.  We were pleased to find natural alternatives to both - Monk Fruit Extract as the sweetener and Nisaplin & Natamax as the preservatives.

Onto the “kick” in energy shots...

When you look at the proprietary, or energy blends, of shot-type energy drinks you will see that the common ingredients are caffeine and taurine.  You will also find additional ingredients that are increasing the milligrams statistics, however are these added ingredients truly offering you “energy”?  At Hawaiian Energy Sports we chose to keep our blend simple so that you are getting what you need to give you what you expect from an energy shot, and not just the proverbial “expensive urine”. 

We chose to use a quality, natural form of caffeine.  That kick is, after all, what most consumers are looking for in their energy shots.  Taken in moderation, caffeine has benefits including many effects on the body’s metabolism, including stimulating the central nervous system, as well as providing a boost of energy and a feeling of increased alertness and mood elevation.
We are also very proud to have green tea in our blend.  As a consumer, you know that the benefits of green tea is well documented, including its antioxidant properties.

For more information on the Hawaiian Energy Shotz ingredients, take a look at the “Quality Ingredients” page under the Product Info tab. 

Hawaiian Energy Shotz - your new energy drink!